Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beliefnet Article: "New Dan Brown Novel Means Extra Scrutiny for Masons"

I was recently interviewed by a reporter with the Religion News Service regarding Dan Brown's upcoming novel, The Lost Symbol, and what impact it might have on Freemasonry. The RNS feed was picked up and reported in an on-line article on beliefnet; you may read the article here. Enjoy.

Incidentally, friend and Brother Christopher Hodapp (also quoted in the beliefnet piece) has made two posts on his excellent blog, "Freemasons for Dummies," that are relevant to the issue of what Masons should do regarding The Lost Symbol:

Of course, my own 5-part series on this issue is indexed at this post.

As we come out from being 'dark' over the summer months, let's rev up faster than usual to deal with the issues and opportunities raised by the publication of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. If Masons are portrayed as the bad guys, then we need to address those negative perceptions. If Masons are portrayed as the good guys, then we need to take advantage of those positive perceptions. In either event (and both may occur!), we need to take the initiative to prepare today.

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