Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dan Brown Prep: New YouTube Series

In our ongoing effort to educate ourselves about Dan Brown and his upcoming novel, The Lost Symbol, it may be worthwhile for you to peruse my video series about the novel, the first part of which has just been posted to YouTube here. An index to all the parts of the series, which I shall update as subsequent parts in the series become available, is here.

Incidentally, I owe thanks to two brethren in my mother lodge, Winter Park Lodge #239 F&AM (GL of Florida):
  • First, I thank Brother Al Fiala, who took time out of a busy schedule to suggest to me that a YouTube video might be just the avenue for me to pursue--something that simply had never occurred to me.
  • Second, I thank Brother Ricardo Parente for photographing me being installed as Marshall of the Lodge, in late December 2007, a picture that appears in the video; the photo eloquently establishes my masonic credentials for the non-Mason viewers of the video.

As we say here in midtown Manhattan: You guys are the best.

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