Sunday, November 1, 2009

Last Chance!
"Hunting The Lost Symbol"
on Discovery Channel, Today

The documentary "Hunting The Lost Symbol" will be broadcast today, Sunday, November 1, on Discovery Channel, from 4 pm to 6 pm (Eastern time; check your local listings).

Of course, this documentary focuses on Dan Brown's new novel, The Lost Symbol. There are prominent segments about George Washington, the missing cornerstone to the U.S. Capitol building, Freemasonry, noetic science, Aleister Crowley (mentioned in the novel as an inspiration for the villain), and other topics related to the novel.

Prominent Masons were interviewed for this program, including Brothers Christopher Hodapp (author of Freemasons For Dummies and other books on the Templars and secret societies), S. Brent Morris (author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry and other books on the Fraternity), and Mark A. Tabbert (author of American Freemasons, and a prominent figure at the George Washington Masonic Memorial). One very obscure Mason was also interviewed; that would be me.

One thing I feel I should emphasize to this audience. This was my first experience as an interview subject on a documentary. I have learned much through this experience, including the fact that the interviewee does not necessarily know what will be shown visually over the sound of his voice. Sometimes what is shown will be something of which one might approve; sometimes it will not. For the record, I was not informed that a re-enactment of ritual would be shown over my voice; I did not suggest this, I did not assist in presenting this re-enactment in any way, and I did not approve it.

Aside from that particular brief portion of the show, Masons should find much to like in this documentary. Enjoy.


  1. SLDI & The Lost Symbol
    October 2009 SLDI Newsletter -

    Dan Brown’s new book, “The Lost Symbol,” is the fastest selling adult novel of all time in both hardback and eBook versions, eclipsing the initial global success of Brown’s earlier book, The Da Vinci Code, which ultimately sold over 80 million copies. This sequel (and the movie, which is already scheduled for release in 2012) is guaranteed to cause a tremendous and lasting groundswell of public interest in the book’s subject matter – which intertwines the history of Washington D.C., the secrets and symbols of Freemasonry, and the hidden meaning of George Washington’s life - each of which have deeply rooted connections to land development.

    Even as the book’s clever and fast-paced plot concludes, what may not be apparent to many readers is the connection between the SLDI mission and the meaning of “The Lost Symbol” - The Apotheosis of George Washington - painting on the ceiling of the Capitol Rotunda.

    According to Brown’s story, “This ceiling’s spectacular collection of images was indeed a message… The founding fathers had envisioned America as a blank canvas, a fertile field on which the seeds of the mysteries could be sown. Today, Washington - a soaring icon – the father of our country, ascending to heaven – is hung silently above our lawmakers, leaders, and presidents...a bold reminder, a map to the future, a promise of a time when all people, like George Washington, would evolve to complete spiritual maturity.”

    “The Lost Symbol” connects the meaning of George Washington’s life to the achievement of our human potential as creators on earth. Now this is something to which we in land development can relate and aspire! Interestingly, SLDI made that very same connection almost four years ago. As first written in the December 2005 Land Development Today magazine article by SLDI entitled, “Breaking New Ground”: “When you look at the history of our industry in America, one is hard pressed not to conclude that George Washington, the Father of our Country, also grew to become what can only be described today as the Father of our own land development industry, as well as a visionary prophet of sustainability.”

    Further, the May 2007 SLDT magazine article People, Planet, & Profit, which originally unveiled the need and concept for SLDI, again documented George Washington’s unique leadership qualities, and addressed the multitude of problems facing our profession with this advice – “What Would George Washington Do?... Understanding the life and times of perhaps our country’s greatest hero, George Washington, can help to light our way down a path of true sustainability – one where people, planet, and profit all are considered equally in a decision model.”

    Now, once again following the visionary philopsophy of George Washington, SLDI is pleased to be able to disclose the world’s first sustainable land development best practices system – The SLDI Code.™

    Breaking New Ground -

    People, Planet & Profit -

    The SLDI Code -

  2. I actually enjoyed reading this


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