Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Br. Koltko-Rivera to Appear on Discovery Channel Special,
"Hunting The Lost Symbol"

The Discovery Channel will broadcast a documentary special, "Hunting For The Lost Symbol," on Sunday, October 25, 8-10 pm Eastern time, with a rebroadcast beginning at 11 pm. The special, of course, will focus on Dan Brown's novel, The Lost Symbol. I appear in it, as do other, much more well-known Freemasons, such as Brother Christopher Hodapp, and some brethren from the House of the Temple.

I bring this to your attention a little early because it occurred to me that some readers may wish to mention this at the Stated Communications of their Lodges, and so forth.

Rumor has it that I figure nicely into the show. (Then again, they could edit me all out tomorrow.) I did address all sorts of things in two taping sessions, one before the novel's publication, one after. I look forward to seeing how the show deals with the novel myself.

And, for those of you who know me well: Yes, I have lost some weight. Thank you for noticing.

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[The photo is by Ms. Katherine Finkelstein. Her work and contact information may be viewed at katherinefinkelstein.com .]


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